PK raced into 1 million dollar collection club!

PK Movie Collections

Amir Khan has set another record in Indian film industry. After crossing the hundred Crores mark, few years back and the 200 and the 300 Crores clubs in the past, Amir Khan has proved himself at the Bollywood box office with almost 620 Crores with “PK”.

This is equivalent to 1 million dollar and “PK” is the first venture to get into this club in India. Few Hollywood flicks were there in the list and “PK” is the Indian film which crossed this mark and entered the 1 million dollars club.

With this, we can expect Amir Khan to turn into an international star and this is an indication for the growth of Indian film industry. Slowly, Indian film industry is getting closer to Hollywood and at some point of time, we can even cross Hollywood.

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