PK poster nudity level – Vulgar or romantic?

Soon after the release of the PK nude poster, people in the entire nation were under shock. Amir Khan is a big shot hero and no one expected him to come up with this kind of avatar. People stopped commenting on this aspect and they started coming to a conclusion whether this is really a good aspect or a bad one.


Looks like, people have come to some conclusion on this aspect. Few people started commenting on Twitter and facebook that this poster is romantic. On the other hand, few big shot actors in Bollywood and few people in North India quoted this poster as a symbol of nudity.

A lawyer even filed a case on this poster saying that it is misleading people towards vulgarity. “Is this poster really a vulgar aspect or is it romantic?” is the main discussion point. People are throwing their opinions on this aspect. So, folks, what is your version about this poster?

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