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Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

PK Movie Review:Quite unusual but Entertainer for sure!

The nanga-punga Alien, with childlike quality, who doesn’t have a name, but is adorned as Peekay by everyone, teaches us a lot of things by his childlike mannerisms. Aamir Khan and Raju Hirani along with Vidhu Vinod Chopra have delivered an Entertainer of the Year.

Said to a satire on God and Godmen, P.K is that film which triggers thoughts in subtlety. You will laugh, cry, and question with P.K. It is a myriad of emotions packaged in 153 minutes. We all have seen films like Oh My God and agreed. With P.K even the same trend continues. It is a well-scripted satire on the God’s Managers and how they cheat people, all in the name of religion. But the second half became all personalized, so to speak. That is the catch, you see! You start off a great film, and if it ‘lulls’ in the second half, a little disappointment sets in. Even then, the film shines!

The film has really quirky exchanges and dialogues, all worth taalias and ceetees. Aamir Khan has done it yet again. He is Mr. Perfectionist and on screen, sure he does deliver with perfection, what was handed to him.

Star Performances:

With his nude avatar, Aamir had raised eyebrows from the word ‘go’. The air of mystique the film has garnered was upping all expectations. This Khan is a ventriloquist with a charm, who adapts his character and slips under the skin so easily, that you will gleefully accept him as P.K. On the acting front, even the other Khans accept him to be the best out of them. It is like, you hand a product to Aamir and he makes it his own, by adding strokes and touches that make it shine even further. P.K who started off as asking innocent questions taught us things, and in turn imbibed some of the emotive qualities of us humans. Some might say that this is his best, but I choose to disagree slightly, Aamir is worth more and his bounty of acting talent has a lot more in store for us.

Anushka Sharma as Jagat Janini a.k.a Jaggu is refreshing on screen. She is a reporter who digs in for stories and breaking news and finds one in P.K. She is smart, talented and knows how to get her story out of the person under possible circumstances. The Journalistic streak in her character is shown full-well. She has acted well and we know what the lady is capable of.

Sanjay Dutt has a brief role but an important one too. He could have been given more screen space, but due to his jail-term, things might not have worked too well. But then again it was really nice to see him on screen.

Sushant Singh Rajput as Sarfaraz is quite natural. Sushant is a really great actor and it might be right to put our bets on him, as he is here for a longer run. Saurabh Shukla as a Godmen is pulled off real well. You will find glimpses of all the ‘dhongi’ babas in him. Boman Irani in his brief role too, is impressive.

As much as I try, and wouldn’t want to kill the surprise ending of the film, Ranbir Kapoor’s cameo will make you go ‘Oh My God! Aww’ immediately he appears on screen. Without giving much away, he looks dapper on screen. He is the ‘chota role, bada dhamaka’ in the end.


P.K is a great film, the masses may claim. But as a Journalist, you can’t help but pick out the possible flaws in the film’s script. Raju Hirani and Abhijat Joshi have written the story well, but the there are many instances where the story troughs. The first half is really strong, but in the second half, the story deviates from satiric tone and envelopes into personal emotions. The way P.K helps Jaggu find her love back, the way the debate ends and many other occasions, all seemed logically a little unacceptable. If the main idea, the makers had was to make an Entertaining product, then the movie scores a high. But we would have really loved to see a stronger ending.

On the music frontier, it soothes us and the tracks are really nicely done. You will find it adorable and also moving too. While donning the director’s hat Raju Hirani has done a great job. He has given us such lovely films in the past. Maybe that is the reason that we expect too much the man.

Watch or Not:

Watch it definitely! For Aamir, for adorable P.K., for the satire and for various other reasons! This Yearender is definitely going to touch your hearts and make you smile. I have given an extra half star for Raju Hirani and Aamir Khan’s hard work, and secretly for Ranbir Kapoor (winks)!

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