Pizza 3D location haunted?!

Well that’s what they’re saying folks! It seems there is something spooky going on at the sets of the upcoming horror film Pizza 3D directed by Akshay Akkaneni. Yes, and in true cinematic style, this has been reported by the cast themselves – the female lead of the flick and former Miss India, Parvathy Omanakkuttan to be exact!


Yes, the beautiful up and comer says she had a tryst with the supernatural while working in the movie.

Here’s what happened according to her:

“The director and I were standing in one corner of a pizza parlour during the shoot. Suddenly, I heard someone whispering my name from behind. I turned around to see who it was and took two steps back. That moment a lamp hung on the wall above me fell and broke. I freaked out. If not for that voice I would have got hurt.”

Intriguing to say the least but one’s got to raise a few pertinent questions here.

For example, how come it’s the horror movies that inevitably get haunted? Does the spirit world have some sort of a special affinity for cast members of spooky films?

Or, here’s a thought, could it just be that such stories conveniently also seem to help promote the movie! Wait a minute though.. nobody is accusing the young starlet of lying here but just pointing out that it does work out in her favour – her life’s saved and hey – more publicity for the movie!

Anyways, the movie is an interesting one to look out for. It’s a remake of the Tamil film by the same name and the original was, after all, a hit. The Hindi version, which is also in 3D, stars Parvathy and Akshay Oberoi in the lead.

The promotional team of the flick is leaving no stone unturned in its quest and they even released a video titled What is Pizza which had the cast and crew opening up on the flick, with some behind the scenes stuff.

The plot revolves around a pizza delivery boy who gets trapped in a house, and then things get creepy and creepier still. The movie is touted as a western style, stream lined, spine chilling horror fiesta for the fans.

It’s slated for release on July 18th.

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