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Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Encouraging and giving chances to newcomers is not so common and feasible in Telugu film industry which involves a lot of risk and hard work to make and market it if anyone do so. Sunshine cinemas which is headed and led by Ram Mohan is always in a front row to encourage new talents. He produced Uyyala Jampala with Raj Tarun and Virinchi Varma who were newbies at that time in association with Nagarjuna Akkineni and made it a successful venture. He made minimum guarantee films with everyone he made with and has good reputation in his line of work. He is now coming with a new movie which is introducing nearly 40-50 new artists or technicians which is titled as Pittagoda, which is directed by Anudeep KV and stars Vishwa Rachakonda and Poornavi Bhupalam and many new faces. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today!


A gang named “Strikers Batch” of Godavari Khani which is led and headed by Tippu (Vishwa Rachakonda) is known as a gang of useless ones in the area. They do not have much aspirations in their life and they enjoy sitting on Pittagoda of their area taking no troubles and turbulence in their life. They decide to get their names make to the newspaper headlines and give them a new light of life. They decide to arrange a cricket tournament in their area make arrangements for that. Tippu gets to know Divya (Poornavi Bhupalam) and falls for her. He proposes her and gets rejected and they become friends. He cancels the cricket tournament in the last minute which make friends split. How he succeeded in getting love of Divya and how he reunion with his friends and the real reason behind cricket tournament cancellation forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Pittagoda Movie Photos
Pittagoda Movie Photos

This movie is made with new actors and everyone actor we get to see on screen are new to us and they really performed well in their respective characters. The members of the strikers batch are casted perfectly and they do not disappoint in any frame. Vishwa Rachakonda as Tippu is superb and he delivered his best performance even though it is his debut movie and made Tippu character, one among us. He has a bright future ahead and even looks good on screen. Poornavi Bhupalam is a known face for us who did friend character in Uyyala Jampala and she became female lead with this movie and performed so good. She looks gorgeous on screen and makes youth go gaga over her even with her normal and traditional looks. Each and every character is well performed.

Writing Department

Pittagoda Movie Poster
Pittagoda Movie Poster

Story of Pittagoda is simple and good. Screenplay is well written and do not disappoint. Dialogues are superb and the one liners are terrific.

Technical Departments

Songs composed by Kamalakar are nice and are good to hear with a feel. His background score is superb and made emotions touch the hearts of the audience. Cinematography by Udhaii is nice and visuals are captured beautifully. Editing is perfect. Production values are nice and apt for the content.


  • Hilarious scenes
  • Background score by Kamalakar
  • Screenplay
  • Less runtime


  • New Faces


Pittagoda is a movie about aimless youth who formed a gang. They all are introduced interestingly and perfect writing can be felt as the story is proceeding. Comedy is not at all forced and makes audience jump on seats out of tickles they create. Screenplay is engaging and interesting throughout the movie and it doesn’t let down. Interest created at interval is so good and makes audience waiting for the other half. This movie is made purely with Telangana slang and it works out well. Director Anudeep KV has done fantastic job with his debut movie and handled all the department nicely to get the desired output. He casted his characters perfectly and made them come alive and relatable. Ram Mohan and Suresh Babu are to be laudable for their belief in new talents and their encouragement. Their belief in them made this movie an entertaining one. To summarise, Pittagoda is a film that entertains truly with its content and characters.

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