Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

What it’s all about?
Pistha is all about a young boy who comes to town to search for his elder brother who ran away from home at a young age. What happens in the city forms the basis for the story in the film.

The plot:
Vishal is a carefree youngster from Ramachandrapuram. His mother is worried all the time and Vishal learns that she is longing to see her long lost son. Vishal’s elder brother runs away from home after being thrashed by her mother for getting the tattoo of a girl Meenakshi on his chest. Vishal sets out to look for his brother armed with the photo of his brother as a child.
Ali, a friend of Vishal helps him in tracing out his brother in Visakhapatnam. While they are on the job, Vishal sees a dreaded gangster Guru killing a man in broad daylight. Prakash Raj is another big gangster in the town who is a rival of Guru.
Vishal in the meantime falls in love with Shreya and she also reciprocates his love. Finally Vishal finds his brother but to his horror, it is none other than the dreaded gangster Guru.
Vishal wants Guru to quit crime and come home with him. Guru is a hardcore criminal and he refuses to give up his criminal activities and return home. The rest of the film is how Vishal takes upon him the responsibility of getting Guru to quit crime and take him back to Ramachandrapuram safely.

The actors:
For a change, Vishal adopts a completely different look in the film. He is soft and funny. He looks innocent and weak, something that is very different fro m his tough guy image. Vishal does a neat job. Shreya is sexy and sensuous. She is used only to add some colour to the film and she does it with her liberal skin show.  Prakash Raj is not exactly impressive and he appears dull and ineffective.
Geeta is okay but Bharani comes across as a poor sidekick. MS Narayana, Ali, Dharmavarapu and Krishna Bhagawan try to do some comedy but is falls flat.
The music is no great shakes and the story is very old fashioned. The screenplay is too slow and the audience loses interest in the film at about the interval time. The film finally ends up along predictable lines with no major twists and turns. 

The bottom line:
Pistha has been touted as a major action cum comic entertainer. The film does not have big action and the comedy is also just average. The only thing that may interest the audience is Shreya’s hot looks. The film has a limited appeal and its fate at the box office is uncertain.



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