Piracy hits Jigarthanda, Police in action!

Jigarthanda starring Siddharth, Lakshmi Menon and Bobby Simhaa came out on August 1 and has been collecting rave reviews and stellar collections at the box office but a dark cloud has fallen over the otherwise jubilant team behind the movie. We are talking about that scourge of the movie industry – piracy!


Apparently, pirated copies of the movie in the form of CDs, VCDs etc. began circulating from the opening day itself and this has the producer of the film, S Kathiresan worried – quite rightfully, one might add!

With pirated copies selling like hot cakes, this could severely impact the gross profits of the movie and the tragic thing is there is not much to be done other than take the necessary legal measures and hope for the best.

And this is exactly what the producer has done. Kathiresan has lodged an official complaint with the Chennai Police and the police are now in action looking to curb the spread of the aforementioned illegal copies. Anyone found guilty of participating in this act will be strictly dealt with, as per the law, which is quite harsh in this regard in India.

Time and time again, this has happened in all the industries in the south and in Bollywood too. Especially in Tamil Nadu, many actors and producers have come forward on multiple occasions to plead with the fans not to indulge in this downright criminal activity.

Jigarthanda currently is gaining audiences per day as word of mouth publicity has done the movie good. The days to come will surely see it as stiff competition for the reigning smash hit that is Dhanush’s Velai Illa Pattathaari.

Let us hope the piracy bug doesn’t take too much out of all the sweat and toil put behind this movie, which according to the fans, is a refreshingly unique one and definitely worth a watch on the big screens.

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