Piracy CDS racket busted by hero Vishal in Tamil Nadu!

Pooja Piracy CD

Kollywood hero Vishal, who appears like a mass hero on the big screen, is a mass hero in real life. He tactically busted a piracy cds team in Tamil Nadu. It seems that he caught them red handed, selling “Pooja” DVDs. Adding to this flick, he even caught this team selling Vijay’s “Kathi” film in piracy fashion.

He caught them and handed them over the Police department. After investigation, Police officials mentioned that these people belong to the famous Thiruttu VCD gang which is a big shot piracy gang in Tamil Nadu. With this, Vishal gave big clues to the Police department to get the main gang behind piracy in Tamil Nadu.

It seems that Vishal caught few other piracy cds sellers in the past at midnights. Vishal who produced the film “Pooja” is taking utmost care in the business related issues. This sudden raids on piracy shops reveals the responsibility Vishal is taking towards this venture.

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