Pink Movie Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Often morality especially when it pertains to feminism, is discussed and declared in very generic forms and sometimes even senseless like Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice video. PINK is not that typical women-centric film that is manipulative. PINK speaks very vocally about the simple thought that one shall keep it in mind that NO means NO. When a person says NO to sex with you, you should just stop. Period.

Pink Movie Photos
Pink Movie Photos

Pink comes from the midas touch of Team Shoojit Sircar, who have not disappointed with any topic till date. This one seems to be the best when it comes to giving a message. A message told with great conviction with the help of an exemplary writing, especially the dialogues in the court room.

The movie is primarily about a molestation, a defensive attack on the culprit, and the court case that follows. The main leads are the three independent women played by Tapsee Pannu, Kirti Kulhari and a new comer Andrea Taring. Meenal (played by Tapsee Pannu) plays the bravest of all and also the one who is put behind the bars for attacking the molester. The other two are also independent and these three stay together in a society. The molester (played by Angad Bedi) belongs to a political family and appoints an advocate (Piyush Mishra) and files charges of attempt-to-murder and extortion on the ladies. A senile lawyer who stays in the same society as the girls, becomes their advocate and that is Deepak Sehgal played by Amitabh Bachhan.. The second half of the film is the court drama.

A still from Pink
A still from Pink

The first of the film has these three women perfectly essaying the roles, showing independence, strength, helplessness and whatever is required in the due course of the film. There is a phone conversation scene in the film where at one point, we think Falak has almost killed her respect due to fear. But then, she rises suddenly proving the string conviction of the writer and director to show the rebellious nature of the woman when needed.

The writer also took a couple of minutes to show how the people of North East are not looked as equal as the rest of the country.

The movie had a perfect casting, of not just the victims, the culprits, the lawyers, but also the judge (played by the veteran Dhritimaan Chatterjee). The judge’s actions spoke a lot about this internal fight between the conscience and proof. Amitabh Bachan has making the wrong moves this year, but with PINK, he is bang on. He was extra ordinary and much more. To give him a tough we need a highly capable actor, and that was fulfilled by Piyush Mishra, who was aptly intimidating.

The only issue of the film is its pace. The movie feels a tad too long. Bachan’s makeup also seemed a bit awkward.

Overall, PINK is an outstanding film with a great message. PINK makes you think.

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