Pilla Nuvvu leni Jeevitham Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Pilla Nuvvu leni Jeevitham Review:Sai Dharam Teja, Regina starrer film “Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham” came on to the screens today. This is the debut flick for Sai Dharam Teja in Tollywood and as a Mega hero, he is expected to get a blockbuster success. Read on to know whether his flick satisfied the standards set by the Mega heroes or not.


Srinu (Sai Dharam Teja) is an orphan. He hails from Palakolu. Srinu meets Maisamma (Jagapathi Babu) as a part of a killing contract. Maisamma gets the deal of killing Shafi (Shafi) who is a journalist. Shafi will be telecasting the deeds done by Shayaji Shinde. To stop Shafi, Police official will involve rowdy Maisamma to kill him. Srinu, who goes to Maisamma will narrate his story. Siri (Regina) too comes into picture in this story. What happens in that story and why exactly did Srinu narrate his story? should be seen on the big screen.


Sai Dharam Teja debut Tollywood with this flick. Just like “Gangothri” of Allu Arjun, Sai Dharam Teja too played a safe game. Without going for perfect dance moves and fights like Ram Charan’s “Chirutha”, Sai Dharam Teja moved ahead with average sequences. One cannot find a top level performance in this flick from this actor and at the same time, it is not below the average line.

Regina maintained her trend in this flick. She looked good on screen and entertained audience with her glamour. Jagapathi Babu, who is expected to be on the lines of “Simha”, appeared a bit different. People can see some entertainment in the sequences of Jagapathi Babu. Prakash Raj is up to the mark. This flick showed all the characters in limited performance levels.

Technical Aspects:

Director played safe with the story. He didn’t include any high pitch episode taking the risk. At the same time, he didn’t make the story hit the flop line. We won’t see anything too much interesting in the story. Anup Rubens too maintained the same trend without giving much excitement to the audience. Music was up to the mark.

Director tried to do some experiments with the dance movements. Choreography was good. Dialogues too can be considered as a positive ones in this flick.

On an average:

On an average, this flick is a decent play from the Mega hero. He neither took the risk nor left the flick go down. For the people who saw the debut flicks of Allu Arjun and Allu Sirish, this flick will look to be on the similar lines.

For Mega fans, this flick may look above average with good dance moves, dialogues and few good sequences. For the other film audience, this flick can be considered as an average venture with flat story and limited scope roles.

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