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Piku Movie Review: There’s a Piku in everyone

Deepika and Irrfan in Piku
Deepika Padukone and Irrfan Khan in Piku

“Piku” is that earnest tale and is definitely everyone’s story. The Shoojit Sircar directorial will make you fall in love. Rightly said, “We cannot judge our parents” and the film has emotions and motion too. The characters are mapped out well and Amitabh Bachchan hands down, wins hearts.

Deepika as Piku has done a great job too, and Irrfan Khan is au naturalle like always. The slice of life tale is a winner for sure. What we see in the film is pretty much what we see in our daily lives. How an independent girl takes care of her father, like her own child is heartwarming.

Bhashkor Banerjee, ‘bengali’ is a typical father who loves his child in ways he doesn’t show. How constipation and problems that circle around it form the film’s main storyline is pretty amazing. The treatment to the film is worth applauding and Shoojit Sircar has done it yet again.

Thumbs Up: Smooth storyline, earnest acting, music

Star Performances:

What can be possibly said about Amitabh Bachchan that hasn’t been said already? He is the megastar with great acting skills. He eases into any character given to him. As for Bhaskhor Banerjee, Big B pulls it off to the T. He is adorable yet irritating in a cute way. His comic sense is natural and the character written is too good. The portrayal is even better. He doesn’t have any major health issue, but blames everything upon his bowel movements. He is pesky, yet has a great knowledge. He is fun-loving yet mood-spoiler. He has this ‘I didn’t do it’ attitude and carries it off like a boss!

Piku Team Selfie Pose
Amitabh, Deepika and Irrfan Selfie pose with director Shoojit Sircar

As for Deepika Padukone as Piku, she is done a fair job too. She is independent, irritated and impudent. She might know she is wrong but never states it. She loves her father way too much, that too unconditionally, overlooking his nature. She is mature-yet-childish. All-in-all there is a Piku in everyone. And Deepika the actress shines.

Irrfan Khan is so natural and smooth in his ‘Rana Chaudhury’ mode, that it doesn’t look like he is acting. He is laid-back, has good tolerance, but gives in to Bhashkor’s mannerisms. They way his character progresses in the film, is commendable. His acting chops are known to all and yet again he proves it to them.

Others too like Maushumi Chatterjee, Jissu Sengupta and Raghubir Yadav have done their parts well and they don’t overdo it.


The film is scripted well and Shoojit Sircar, after Vicky Donor and Madras Café, has given to Bollywood a great film. There is no unnecessary jazziness or blingy-ness added to the film. The simplicity of ‘Piku’ is its highlight and that is even its commercial value. The film will win hearts and make you realize how much we love our parents despite their natures. The adorable father-daughter relationship is explored well and suits the modern times.

Thumbs Down: Not much

The film is written by Juhi Chaturvedi and she has done a marvelous job. Even the screenplay is by her and the film looks really good. The landscapes and cities are portrayed in a very smart way.

The film’s music by Bengali maestro Anupam Roy is the backing to the film. The tracks are soulful and the score is ear-pleasing.

Watch or not:

A must watch! It is a much needed break from all that jazzy commercial cinema, that has larger than life scenes. Why not watch a realistic slice of life over the stereotypical masala entertainers. Piku is high on entertainment value and will even melt your heart! ‘Kyunki motion se hi emotion hai’!

Yawns: Not really

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