Pic Story: Beast Having Feast in Sets

Handsome hunk Rana Daggubati is getting good praises for his performance in Baahubali before the movie release itself. Recently a trailer was released, Rana’s dialogues in the trailer are creating the sensation in TFI. Rana also looks like a giant in the film with his huge physique.

Rana's diet for Baahubali
Rana’s diet for Baahubali

As per the reports, Rajamouli asked Rana to put on weight for the role of Bhallala Deva in Baahubali. So he worked hard to get the physique as Rajamouli wants. Rana took heavy quantity non-vegetarian food to increase the weight for Baahubali movie. Baahubali producer Shobu Yarlagadda revealed the Rana’s diet secrets for Baahubali through a picture. Have a look at this picture and don’t get shocked. See what Rana was eating on Baahubali sets for his look.

However Rana efforts for Baahubali gets good applause before the movie release. Let’s see how the audience will react after watching the movie!!

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