Phoonk 2 Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

You remember Madhu, played by Ashwini Kalsekar, in Phoonk? The black magic practising, evil woman, who unleashes havoc on an unsuspecting family. Well, she’s back in Phoonk 2.


And the family, despite the trauma they suffered the first time around, is really slow on the uptake.


So once again, they move into a large, remote house. And Rajeev, played by Sudeep, doesn’t suspect anything even when his son complains that a doll is moving its head and his wife weeps because she can hear noises.


Of course, by the time, Rajeev figures out that something is amiss, it’s too late.


Phoonk 2 is written and directed by Milind Gadagkar, who also wrote the first film.


Gadagkar has obviously imbibed his mentor and producer Ram Gopal Varma’s love for distorted camera angles, creepy false alarms and startling close-ups of unattractive faces.


The first half of the film is all atmospherics and the family making stilted conversation.


The action only begins when Madhu gets serious and bodies start piling-up.


There are a few fun moments here – the tantrik who messed with Madhu in the first film loses his head, literally.


But mostly Phoonk 2 is all tease and no pay-off. The story makes little sense even within the logic of the film.


The characters are supremely dim-witted and even the frights are too few and far between. One of the pleasures of these type of horror films is guessing which character will be bumped off first and how.


But Gadagkar’s killings don’t show any flair or imagination. The horror is more Ramsay variety.


Poor Ashwini wears black make-up, blue contact lenses and a wig that looks like a small animal died on her head. Is this scary? Not in the least.


But Phoonk 2 does offer a few laugh-out-loud moments.


At one point, an evil doll—inspired perhaps from Chucky in Child’s play—launches a full frontal attack on a tantrik. And there are plenty of brain-dead conversations.


Rajeev who doesn’t do much more than look shocked as Madhu slaughters his family and friends, tells his bleeding, hysterical daughter: Sab Kuch theek ho jayega.


Phoonk 2 isn’t very chilling or thrilling. See it if you must. (NDTV)

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