Peruchazhi trailer out and trending!!

Mohanlal’s Peruchazhi trailer is out and it is trending among thrilled fans! This comedy entertainer directed by Arun Vaidyanathan has been in the news for quite a while for a wide variety of things, and now we have the much deserved sneak peek in to the actual film.


Now, the trailer is an interesting one and goes along with what we know so far about the plot.

Mohanlal plays an aspiring politician who is invited to the states to help a political candidate there win his election campaign. He sets out to do this with his two cronies played by Baburaj and Aju Varghese, while his friend/ political rival played by Mukesh starts with a few dirty tricks from back home.

Now, all that being said, the trailer shows an interesting pattern..

Mohanlal’s character is named Jagannathan though he is nicknamed Peruchazhi and we already know there is a song in the movie based on his famous one liner from Narasimham – Nee Po Mone Dinesha.

The new things to note however are that he says the line ‘Saadhanam Kayyilundo’ from his classic movie Akkare Akkare Akkare and he does a ‘click’ with his fingers like in the movie Chithram. And after all, Jagannathan was Mohanlal’s name in the iconic flick Aaram Thampuran!

So is Arun Vaidyanathan planning to use the Mohanlal ‘brand’ to get applause from the fans or will there be an actual attempt to produce some original comedy and entertainment? We will have to wait and see…

The YouTube trailer has already passed 150, 000 views in less than a day, and as usual one can see the budding of yet another Mohanlal fans versus Mammootty fans feud cropping up in the comments section below. Sigh..

Both Mohanlal and Mammootty are actively campaigning against this ongoing feud which spills over in to cyber space and social media pages, but things look as bleak as ever in that regard.

Peruchazhi has been produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas under the banner of Friday Film House, and was shot almost completely in the United States.
The movie is set for a big release on August 29th.

Let us wait with our fingers crossed that this one turns out to be everything we hoped for..

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