Peruchazhi team reacts to Dr Biju’s comments!

It was only recently that the Government of Kerala decided to give subsidies and such, to films made in the state with pure Malayalam titles, in an effort to promote the language and the arts, one supposes.


Now many people came forward against this decision citing various reasons and one among them was the ever so controversial, critically acclaimed director Dr Biju, who seems to be on a mission against the mainstream powerhouses in the industry or something.

During his comments to the press, he said, with not too subtle sarcasm, that “from now on, movies with names like Nee Ko Nja Cha, Peruchazhi and Koothara” would get concession and subsidies from the Government. He was drawing attention, of course, to the heavy mainstream nature of such movies, the financially hefty figures behind them and the perceived linguistically ‘classless’ nature of these so called titles, which he called “sweet Malayalam words”.

Now the Peruchazhi movie team haven’t taken to these comments at all. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page today:

“We just happened to read a post from respected film director Dr. Biju ,Where he has commented rather voiced his opinion on subsidy in Malayalam films in relation to using MALAYALAM names in in Malayalam films .He might have his own views on film names , for that matter every film maker has a reason for his title .

We believe in using malayalam titles for malayalam movies as well ,unless it does not suit the movie in any way like “Monkey pen”.

The issue here is about he commenting on our title “Peruchazhi”with sarcasm without knowing the reason behind the title and the relevance of the title in the movie .
We don’t know about others …..also would not like to comment on movies produced and directed by others but enjoy what we like and stay away (without commenting )on movies or titles we don’t like …

We would appreciate Dr. Biju to take away the sarcasm in the statement made on social media ” Madura malayala vaakukal ” as Peruchazhi is an animal / mammal and not a Bad word !!!! Above all it’s a movie which is not released !!!!”

Well, that’s that then.. Very reasonable arguments from the Peruchazhi team. Dr Biju has been at odds with many of the mainstream artists in the Mollywood landscape since his movie Perariyathavar won two National awards this year. The list of people who seem irked by the director’s comments and media revelations seem to be growing but he doesn’t seem to care in the least.

Who’s to say who’s right and wrong in these situations? But one thing’s for sure, the last thing the Malayalam film industry needs right now are more feuds..
especially between capable and talented artistes.

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