Peruchazhi sets new record!

Peruchazhi is one of Mohanlal’s hugely anticipated upcoming films, which is filming right now, and it is the filming itself that has set a new record in Mollywood – it’s the first Malayalam movie to be shot in the United States for the lengthy period of a whole month! The crew has already departed for the US for 30 days to complete the filming of the flick.


The plot which happens mostly in America mandates this; although for the past several days the makers of the film decided to shoot some of the American sequences and a song in Kollam at the Raviz Hotel which was modified to look like the States. This was unavoidable, it seems, due to some technical and logistical difficulties. The media, of course, proceeded to dub the set as ‘American Kollam’.

In fact, Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas who are producing the film, under the banner of Friday Film House, have also decided to be a part of the actual cast in order to reduce the cost of production some. Arun Vaidyanathan is the director of this movie written by Ajayan Venugopal. Cinematography is being handled by Aravind Krishna.

The plot revolves around a politician or rather aspiring politician (Mohanlal) who is sent to America from Kerala to help with a campaign there and the inevitable hilarity follows due to language issues and back and forth dirty tricks with an old adversary back home, who just so happens to be a minister, hell bent on making his life difficult. The theme and style of narrative is reported to be highly satirical.

Apart from the lead actors, Baburaj, Ragini Nandwani and Aju Varghese among others form the rest of the cast.

Arun Vaidyanathan also has plans to remake this ambitious project in Hindi and Tamil and the actors he has in mind are none other than Sanjay Dutt and Kamal Hassan!

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