“People took me serious only after Miss India contest”,says Rakul Preet Singh

First things first, Rakul Preet Singh is flaunting her luxury car these days


The actress bought the car in Gurgaon, and drove it herself all the way till Mumbai.

“I had to sign a film down south, but I requested the producers to defer it by three days because I just couldn’t wait to get my car!

The actress, who is currently shooting in Hyderabad for a Tollywood flick, told that she just couldn’t get over the excitement of buying the car and is missing it already. “I am currently in Hyderabad and my car is in Mumbai. Since it’s new, I treat it like my baby. I was asking my dad whether I should get my car to Hyderabad and drive it around here since I will be shooting here for another three to four months, but he asked me to be patient.”

When asked about her entry in films, she says that it was because of the pageant that she started taking things more seriously. “Nobody has won five sub-contests like I did, so that obviously helped me, as I knew people and they too recognised me. I became more confident about myself after the pageant and also started taking things more seriously after having participated in the pageant.”

While the actress was a known name down south, after her Bollywood debut with Yaariyan, she says people have started recognising her here. “Whenever I go to a mall or the airport, people recognize me. Now, I have to pay more attention to what I wear while I go out.”

More power to the lady!

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