PD Act against Actor Nanduri Uday Kiran

Hyderabad police have registered PD Act against actor Uday Kiran, who has several cases against him in Jubilee Hills, Madhapur and Kakinada police stations.

PD Act Against Uday Kiran
PD Act Against Uday Kiran

Uday Kiran was arrested on 23rd March after he crated ruckus at ‘Over the Moon’ pub in Daspalla hotel. He was sent to remand in Chanchalguda jail.

Hailing from Kakinada, Uday Kiran has come to Hyderabad with the dream of becoming a hero. After acting in three films, his fate made him a drug addict. With frequent brawls, parties and incidents of drug abuse, he became the target of police.

He has even cheated few women in Kakinada on the pretext of making them heroines. Nirbhaya act was also filed against him. With the latest PD act against him, it seems that his career is over and it will be hard for him to even get bail.

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