Pay scale changes in Tollywood – Performance factor to top heroes!

Tollywood Heroes Remuneration

In Tollywood, actors pay scales are generally on peaks. Top actors get almost 20 Crores pay package and half of the budget for the entire flick goes to the remuneration of the star heroes. In the recent times, films are getting bounced back at the box offices.

In this scenario, distributors and producers are losing completely compared to the actors. To make the actors a part of the film’s success rate, film chamber came up with an approach of putting a cut on the pay structure.

As per this rule, a part of the remuneration will be given upfront to the actor while the remaining part will be given as a share in the film’s success. If the flick achieves flop status, film hero will end up getting nothing. This performance factor is stated to get added to the fee structure of all heroes who are getting 1 Crore or more remuneration. Tough times for top heroes in the industry!

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