Pawanism Trivia

Every other day, a video gets uploaded on to online youtube about Pawan Kalyan’s , by his admirers and fans. A fan collects all the appreciation he gets from the celebrities in the industry. Another admirer composes a video with his songs and scenes which itself becomes a documentary. Another die-hard fan uploads a video of him with his friends dancing to the songs of Pawan Kalyan, on the road. The varieties are endless and the number countless.  Apart from these, there are some more observations and facts listed here, which might not have gone into those videos

• Even in the beginning days of his entry into films, Pawan’s interests and choices were not really like a kid brother of a star hero in Telugu Film Industry – he was totally atypical! It was a time when reading Telugu books or talking about them was already unglamorous and here he was, quoting even names, in an interview.

• He gave a performance of his martial art skills at Ravindra Bharati (and that was where he was entitled "Pawan" Kalyan and later "Power Star"). NO film actor really needed to prove his "actual skill to fight" on a dais, and the guy who did it was the kid brother of the most revered star of Telugu Cinema of that time. For the same reason, and his knowledge in martial arts makes his fights so special, natural and stylish.

• When did you last see a Telugu hero choosing to act in a role that needs reform, before "Gokulam lo Seetha"? It was when Mohan Babu acted in "Swargam-Narakam" , 20 years before this film came by.

• Thoilprema was a love story that has no duet and the hero never touches her all through the film except in the climax!

• For Tholiprema, Sirivennela Seetharama Shastry wrote a sorrow-filled, "helpless" song that goes something like "What can I do without you! I am a total zero when you’re not with me…" kind of lyric for a situation. Pawan called up and told, "We only wanted a song that reflects ‘viraham’ and not ‘sorrow’ or ‘loneliness’. I am sure you know they’re both different feelings, sir. We want a song that has a positive spin and not a negative feeling." The level of clarity that Pawan Kalyan has is notable.

Long Live Pawanism.

Jai Hind!

Note: Do not consider this article as a rational and an objective piece. If it’s all rational, everyone would know about it methodically. There’s not a methodical approach to understand this trend called "Pawanism". And, no approach is definitely aimed at "convincing" anyone; if the basic premise of an approach was to convince the rationale behind its existence, the approach failed already!

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