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Every movie he does, he conveys a message, and be it a dialogue, a sequence or a complete song dedicated for that. Coming to his real life, he is a man of actions. Yes, Pawan Kalyan is a philanthropist with social responsibility, but does it in anonymity and secret. Whatever the news that come about this nature of his, is not by him but by the people, who want to let the world know, the altruism within Pawan Kalyan.

Keeping the anonymous monetary donations aside, there is also a very benevolent side of him. In ‘Gabbar Singh’, the Antyakshari scene is quite long, and chopping it to half its length would have sufficed the purpose of the scene. However, Pawan Kalyan insisted the scene not to be chopped by any amount, as all the actors would have told their friends and family that they would appear in a specific scene.  He did not want to disappoint them.  This simple act of Pawan brings a big smile in the faces of their families. 

What makes him stand apart from the rest from the stars is his simplicity. He can wear a Dhothi, ordinary sandals and have a meal with his ‘Antyakshari’ gang. While Gabbar Singh was roaring at the box-office showering records, he was watering his plants in the farmhouse, totally disconnected from the number game. He can sport a white beard in public functions. He can get nervous to speak on the dais, if he shares it with his elder brother Chiranjeevi.  Till date, he gets nervous before he starts his shoot.  He doesn’t mind making fun of his own weaknesses. In a scene from Teenmaar, he says that he cannot dance.  In a scene from Gabbar Singh, he admits that he has fears like any common man, but just covers it up with a laugh.

For a person with such a big stature, a popular surname, and the ’power’ prefix to his name on-screen, it’s indeed very unusual to accept or express such things. When did you last hear of a superstar who fasts for ‘Ekadasi Somavaram’, and not hesitate to express it. When asked, about the reason behind them, he replies on a lighter note that- ‘a person with hunger stays grounded, and thus not giving any scope for arrogance’.  (No star would openly say such things as one might assume him as a weak person)

Like Rajnikanth, even Pawan’s popularity can be attributed to his off screen, real life personality and the one that reflects characteristics like honesty, simplicity underlined by certain idiosyncrasies and even faults that make him look totally one amongst us!

                                      To err is Human,

                           To admit them, being a ‘Power  Star’, is Pawan.

Jai Hind!

‘Pawanism’ Continued..

Note: Do not consider this article as a rational and an objective piece. If it’s all rational, everyone would know about it methodically. There’s not a methodical approach to understand this trend called "Pawanism". And, no approach is definitely aimed at "convincing" anyone; if the basic premise of an approach was to convince the rationale behind its existence, the approach failed already!

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