Pawan – Venky’s Gopala Gopala Story Line?

Pawan Kalyan and Venkatesh Gopala Gopala Story Line

Pawan Kalyan – Victory Venkatesh starrer film “Gopala Gopala” is set to hit the screens soon. Sankranthi mentioned in the title doesn’t mean that this flick is hitting the screens for Pongal. Sankranthi in the title refers to the previous family entertainer of Venkatesh.

Just like the film “Sankranthi”, Venkatesh will appear as a shopkeeper in “Gopala Gopala” film. Recently, film unit canned Earth Quake sequence. As per the scene, Venkatesh will lose his livelihood due to this Earth Quake. This is similar to the one which was shown in “Sankranthi”.

In that film too, Venkatesh’s family will lose livelihood due to the government’s order of road expansion. Hence, we can expect this flick to be family sentimental film just like “Sankranthi”. Pawan’s presence my make this venture look youthful and energetic.

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