Pawan Skips Krishna Pushkaram, Cites Fever

Power star Pawan Kalyan has decided to skip the Krishna Pushkarams citing fever.

Although TDP Supreme Chandrababu Naidu hasn’t personally invited Pawan, he made sure that the Jana Sena chief got personal invitation from Minister Palle Raghunatha Reddy. Pawan warmly received the invitation but expressed his health condition as the reason for his absence. On the other hand, Pawan fans are expressing their anger on TDP for not inviting Pawan.

Pawan Kalyan Krishna Pushkaram
Pawan Kalyan Krishna Pushkaram

There is also a theory in circulation that all is not well between Pawan and Naidu. Pawan has already announced his plans of contesting in 2019 elections which is being seen as a major threat to Chandrababu. In view of the upcoming direct contest, the duo has started maintaining distance. TDP, which dumped NTR during Mahanadu and Amaravati Foundation ceremony, has invited him for Pushkarams, probably to counter Pawan.

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