Pawan’s ‘Komaram Puli’ story leaked!

Pawan Kalyan,Nikeesha Patel’s Latest film ‘Komaram Puli’ is releasing world wide tomorrow with 600 prints in 1000 theatres.

The story of Komaram Puli goes like this…

Pawan is dynamic, powerful and sincere police officer who takes the responsibility of giving security to Prime Minister’s meeting as well as to him from a terrorist group attacks.

By seeing Pawan’s dynamism, Prime Minister Awards him with a gold medal and gives an offer to seek anything from him that he likes to do. Then Pawan asks to allot some special powers to him so that his wish to eradicate terrorism can be gained.

Prime Minister willingly sanctions some special powers to Pawan and with that he forms a team of officers with a title ‘Puli’ and begins to sort out terrorists. Interestingly, Pawan finds that Prime Minister is also having hand in Terrorists group and so he starts going against him and finally wins the fight with terrorists. Heroine Nikeesha Patel playing the role of police officer in the film also joins the team of Puli.

It is directed by SJ Surya and is produced by Singanamala Ramesh. Binod Pradhan is the cinematographer and Vijayan is the fight master. AR Rahman’s music which was already in the markets gets awesome response from the audiences.Let’s wait for tomorrow.

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