“Pawan is a political opponent” – Megastar


Ever since Pawan Kalyan made a sensational entry into politics by launching the Jan Sena Party, all wondered as to how his brother Chiranjeevi would react after watching Pawan make some bold statements against the Congress Party, taking names of the individual leaders and stating that he as Pawan Kalyan will make sure that Congress will not get a single vote from Seemandhra.

Reacting to the first public meeting, brother and Congress member Megastar Chiranjeevi calmly responded with careful statements such as ‘Pawan is emotional’, ‘two brother can belong to opposing parties’ and that ‘anybody against the Congress is an opponent and that makes his brother an opponent in politics’.


This is the second time for Pawan to steer his way into politics. The first time was when he founded a promising wing called ‘Yuva Rajyam’ under the Praja Rajyam Party started by his brother. However, the aggressive moves of Pawan then did not go down well with anybody, also contributing to an advantage for Congress. The actor then took a break from that stint for five long years, only to resurface now with a stronger ground.

While the opponents and rivals put away this move saying that it is just another hasty one, sources say that Pawan is more than well prepared now. He had done extensive research, meetings and discussions with various political intellects and ex CBI workforce to understand the ‘reality’ with ‘evidence’. The first speech proved to be a standing testimonial that Power Star is more than ready to make a detailed attack on the opponents with facts, and not blind accusations.

The Jana Sena Party plans to launch a strong force of youth from Vizag. Stay tuned for more updates.


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