Pawan – Kavitha war started again!

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is against Congress during 2014 elections. He even fought against TRS to support BJP and TDP in Telengana. In this process, KCR’s daughter Kavitha came up with series of strong statements on Pawan Kalyan. They were involved in cold war at that time.

Pawan Kalyan and Kavitha

Now, Pawan and Kavitha war is starting again. While Pawan Kalyan is not concentrating much on politics in the present scenario, Kavitha came up with a statement that Pawan is a ‘Make up and Pack up guy’. This is raising the heat among the political and film circles.

Pawan’s counterattack statements calling Kavitha as sister turned out to be a sensation during 2014 elections. In Jana Sena meeting, Pawan’s statements on Kavitha turned out to be the main highlights. In this scenario, “What will be the reaction of Pawan Kalyan on this new statement from Kavitha?” appeared as a debate point.

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