Pawan Kalyan’s warning to BJP showed its result!

Pawan Kalyan BJP

Pawan Kalyan recently mentioned that the state of Andhra Pradesh needs more attention from the central government. He tweeted few statements in Twitter which raised sensation in the state of AP.

Looks like, Pawan Kalyan’s warnings showed the result. AP government is going to get extra money as per the recent Arun Jaitley’s report. AP has been included in the states which needs additional budget. As per this aspect, AP will get an additional amount apart from the regular amount from the central government.

22,113 Crores will be allocated to AP for the next 5 years under this report. On the special category status, the verdict is yet to be revealed. Majority of the analysts are saying that BJP eyed AP once again due to the alert statement from Pawan Kalyan.

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