Pawan Kalyan’s voice over for a social cause

We all know that Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is a great humanitarian. Pawan Kalyan, who is quite known for his kind nature and his social work, is doing his bit through a cancer awareness ad.

Pawan Kalyan's Voice Over for Cancer Ad
Pawan Kalyan’s Voice Over for Cancer Ad

According to the reports, Pawan Kalyan is geared up to give a voice over to a cancer awareness campaign ad. This ad will be aired on all the screens and TV in the Telugu states soon. As the number of cancer cases has doubled in between 1990 and 2012, this ad is being made to help the people realize and guess the early symptoms of cancer.

Many of the Cancer cases are being diagnosed during the later stages, and the doctors are failing to save the lives. Curing cancer during the early stages would be easy. So, in order, to aware the Cancer stages during the early stages, this ad is being made. Let us hope that Pawan Kalyan’s cancer awareness program would bring in a change in the Telugu states and help the people to find out the early signs of cancer.

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