Pawan Kalyan’s statement on Telangana Survey

Power Star Pawan Kalyan gave counter attack statement on Kavitha – KCR’s Telangana Survey. It is known that Pawan Kalyan’s house has been locked during the day of Telengana survey. Hence, buzz raised in the media that Pawan Kalyan rejected T-Survey.


Speaking on this, Pawan stated that he was not in the city on that day. As TRS government mentioned it as an option to give the details, he went for the shooting. He stated that he would have given details if he was present in home on that day.

Soon after getting the news that Pawan didn’t attend T survey, KCR revealed to the media that the people who doesn’t give their details to this survey will be treated as tourists. Pawan didn’t counter attack in a furious way but he spoke to the media in a soft manner saying that he was not in the city on that date.

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