Pawan Kalyan’s speech creates a furore


The much awaited speech from Pawan Kalyan on the occasion of the launch of his party JanaSena was no less than fireworks, thunderstorm and lightening. The star blatantly ripped apart the loopholes and the deficiencies in the existing political system, creating a new meaning to the young blood asking those important questions. The audience at the venue and everywhere else in the world went frenzy with the straight cut points, punch dialogues that were required in reality and candid revelations on why he wants to join the politics.

The masses went fiery when the star took names of the individual politicians and targeted their flaws. Pawan unanimously targeted the Congress Party, using powerful phrases like how Rahul Gandhi should learn few lessons from his late Grandmother Indira Gandhi, how Sonia and Rahul should visit the Botsa Satyanarayanas of Vizianagaram to learn few pointers. Power Star’s take on the unfair division of the State for personal gains made heart spur thoughts and fury. His take on how unity wins over disparities connected well with thousands of young followers who were there to cheer him at the venue.

The man of the moment made a controversial statement “Congress Hatao..Desh Bachao” while concluding his speech, sending shock waves in the opposition and others.

While Janasena may not make it to standing for elections this time, the verdict of the young guns all over was the same – they are ready to join the force and contribute to the betterment of the governance. The ‘Pawanism’ had its impact on the millions the deserving way, transcending the reel hero into the real situations.

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