Pawan Kalyan’s Shocking Comments on Baahubali

Power star Pawan Kalyan has made few sensational comments on the biggest hit of Telugu cinema ‘Baahubali’.

Pawan opined that Magadheera is a better film than Baahubali. He added that if Magadheera was promoted well and released in Hindi, it would have done great wonders than Baahubali. Pawan’s comments on Baahubali are spreading like wild fire.

Pawan Kalyan Baahubali
Pawan Kalyan Baahubali

Movie lovers and audiences voted Baahubali as a superior film to Mgadheera given the scale, VFX level and grandeur of the project. Story wise Magadheera might grab more marks for sure.

Pawan feels that Telugu cinema makers are not fully using the potential of films like Tamil cinema makers are doing. While Tamil films are raking good moolah at Telugu box office, Telugu films are not even releasing in Tamil Nadu.

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