Pawan Kalyan’s Ex-Wife Renu Desai Turns Devotee

Pawan Kalyan’s divorced wife Renu Desai is an active user of Twitter. This woman who turned as director from heroine is the mother of Pawan’s son and daughter. She recently posted a Tweet on her account that stole many hearts.

Renu Desai Turns Devotee
Renu Desai Turns Devotee

Heroes and Heroines are very known for their devotion towards their career. Not only devotion to their profession, but they are also devoted and firmly believe in the God. Whether it be a puja on the first day of their films shoot or any spiritual visit to someplace with family, they will always be their first.

Now, Renu Desai has done something similar. She recently visited a Ganapathi temple in Pune and shared her experience of travelling and visiting the temple. In the first Tweet she tweeted as “When, on the way to Ganapati temple, you’ve Sufi music playing in the car and a Christian driver, you know you are doing the concept of religion.”

Later on, after visiting the temple, she admitted that though she isn’t a religious person, an early morning darshan will give a certain peace and tranquility to the soul.

These Tweets of her gaining good response. It seems like she is really impressed by the ideology for her former husband Pawan Kalyan and it is clear from her Tweets that she is not a person of religion or such thing, but a person of a great soul.

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