Pawan Kalyan went for spinal cord surgery?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now busy with the film “Gopala Gopala”. Apart from this, he has a schedule to campaign in Medhak on behalf of BJP candidate Jagga Reddy. It is a noted fact that Pawan Kalyan helped Jagga Reddy to migrate from Congress to BJP. There is a buzz in the media that BJP gave ticket to Jagga Reddy seeing the brand name of Pawan Kalyan.


It seems that the party expected Pawan to campaign for Jagga Reddy in the upcoming by-elections. Sources stated that Pawan Kalyan turned down the request of campaigning saying that he is suffering from back pain. Sources from “Gopala Gopala” team stated that this actor recently had spinal cord related operation in Bangalore.

It seems that he is not even participating in action sequences due to severe back pain. In this scenario, “Will Pawan Kalyan campaign for Jagga Reddy in the upcoming elections?” turned out to be a tough question. Good news for the rivals but bad news to BJP leaders.

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