Pawan Kalyan turns Cat for RGV!

Pawan Kalyan opened his mouth recently in a press meet about Section 8, Phone Tapping, Vote for Note Scam and other political issues. He fired on TDP MPs of Andhra Pradesh for sitting idle in Parliament and not asking the special status for Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan praised the KCR, which also irked the TDP. TDP MPs seemed to have felt bad about the irking comments made by him and finally fired at him.

Now controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) also shared his feelings about the Pawan Kalyan’s political press meet through his Twitter page. RGV said that for him Pawan Kalyan is like a Lion (Simham) but he behaved like a Cat (Pilli) in his press meet.

Finally “I wish and hope that p k should be best at what he shud be best about”, RGV posted!!

Check Here for RGV Tweets on Pawan Kalyan’s Press meet:

RGV Tweets on Pawan Kalyan Press Meet
RGV Tweets on Pawan Kalyan Press Meet

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