Pawan Kalyan trending for being trolled

Pawan Kalyan, a celebrity turned politician is always known for his gripping speeches and his love for his motherland, which he always conveys by ending his tweets and speeches ending ‘Jai Hind’. Even his Twitter bio says ‘Jai Hind’

Pawan Kalyan Trolled
Pawan Kalyan Trolled

So, recently he has been trending in the media for his speech at the Dallas. During the speech, he said that Bhagat Singh has committed suicide the age of 23. When getting into the facts, Bhagat Singh did not committed suicide ,but he was hanged at the age of 23 by the British Government. He is a martyr. His death has influenced and inspired many citizens to participate in the freedom fight and he is regarded as the legend in Indian history
So, being politician, and saying that he’s bibliophile, how come he could not remember this event, which a school kid can know?

Now, he is been trolled for this recently in the internet. Maybe it’s a mistake or was carried away during the speech, but correcting it would have been better instance!

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