Pawan Kalyan to Start a TV Channel?

If the latest reports are anything to go by, star hero turned Jana Sena party founder Pawan Kalyan is making plans to start a new TV channel before the 2019 elections.

Pawan Kalyan TV Channel
Pawan Kalyan TV Channel

In his recent interviews, Pawan Kalyan has umpteen times said that he will stop making films in a year or two to join active politics. He reaffirmed that he and his party would definitely contest in 2019 general elections.

Rumors have now started making rounds that Pawan is chalking out plans to launch a TV channel or newspaper to promote his party’s agenda and highlight the misdeeds of opposition parties. For this purpose, he will first start a YouTube channel and later he will launch a TV channel.

We wonder where does Pawan get funds from to start a TV channel? He has declared that he is in a financial mess, and he doesn’t have money to give salary to his staff.

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