Pawan Kalyan signed Remake to clear debts!

Pawan Kalyan’s blockbuster ‘Gabbar Singh’ was an official remake of Salman Khan’s hit film ‘Dabangg’.

Much to the shock of everyone, Pawan has now revealed that he didn’t want to act in ‘Dabangg’ remake since he felt the original worked only because of the crowd-pulling factor of Salman Khan. It was the time when all of his films were flopping and the debacle of Nagababu produced ‘Orange’ made his life miserable as he stood the guarantee for the financiers.

Pawan Kalyan Dabangg Remake
Pawan Kalyan Dabangg Remake

To clear his debts, Pawan Kalyan then signed ‘Dabangg’ remake much to his disinterest. After making ample changes to the script to suit the Telugu sensibilities, the film became a blockbuster.

Pawan also revealed that he was paid more when he scored flops than when he delivered hits. The Jana Sena Chief wishes to quit films when he was successful rather than wait till people ask him to quit.

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