Pawan Kalyan Says “Sorry” To The Media

Power Star Pawan Kalyan apologized for the media personalities for the attack by his security today here in Hyderabad.

Pawan Kalyan apologizes media
Pawan Kalyan apologizes media

In Detail: As part of “Navya AndraPradesh Nirmanam” few Andhra Pradesh ministers visited the sets of Pawan new film “Sardaar Gabbar Singh.” Since ministers were present, their media was also present.

Ministers entered into the shooting location of the film, and behind them were media coverage persons with cameras. By seeing the cameras, Pawan Kalyan’s bodyguards restricted people without knowing that those are media people.

Though they showed their Id cards to respective media channels, guards didn’t allow to enter into the shooting spot. Slowly this led to a minor riot between media and guards. Few media persons were injured in the riot.

Knowing this incident, Pawan Kalyan personally apologized the person was injured and assured media that such incidents will never occur again.

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