Pawan Kalyan’s CGR USA Business Status!

Power Start Pawan Kalyan’s Craze in USA unmatched. We are surprised to our expectations that we have done Excellent business so for in USA.

We are behind in responding to so many calls / emails. We will be talking to each and every one in coming days.

Some of the Exhibitors are expressing that some distributors are announcing that they bought the movie. To clear of those rumors we are presenting the business status here.

So far we have closed the following centers for CGR movie in USA.

Phoenix                                                      Sudheer Thondepu
minniapolis                                                 Sudheer Thondepu
Bloomington                                               Sudheer Thondepu
Peoria                                                         Sudheer Thondepu
Milwakee                                                     Sudheer Thondepu

St Louis                                                       Srinivas Lottala
Los Angles/San Diego                                  Dinesh Davuluru

Atlanta                                                          Arun Kumar
Salt Lake City                                               Arun Reddy

Boston/CT                                                    Rediant Movies
Texas                                                          Cine galaxy

Ohio                                                            Srithan

Newark,DE                                                  Praveen Reddy

These above centers are sold for $260,000. First time highest prices in USA market.


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