Pawan Kalyan Receives Notices From Court

The latest news in the media reveals that Pawan Kalyan received the court notices with a connection to the defamation case filed by Radha Krishna of ABN. RK who was not happy with the tweets posted by Pawan Kalyan filed a defamation suit on Pawan Kalyan. The court has looked into the case and gave a verdict on it. The court has asked Pawan Kalyan to attend the court now.

Pawan Kalyan and Radha Krishna
Pawan Kalyan and Radha Krishna

RK initially sent a notice to Pawan asking an apology on the public platform. But, Pawan Kalyan ignored these notices and hence he has now approached the court to proceed legally. RK has filed a defamation suit of 10 crore rupees. The court sent notices to Pawan and asked him to attend the court on 24th of this month.

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