Pawan Kalyan Really has No Money?

In the recent times, Power star turned Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan has many a timed reiterated that he has no money, and he still is doing films only for the sake of money. But, is this really true?

Pawan Kalyan Real Estate Business
Pawan Kalyan Real Estate Business

Going by the talk in in Tollywood circles, Pawan Kalyan has invested huge money in real estate. Pawan is heard to have bought two properties in prime locations of Hyderabad. As per sources, he took Rs 10 Cr as advance remuneration from a popular production house just to purchase these properties.

Given the demand for his films, it is alright if Pawan Kalyan demands even over Rs 20 crore as remuneration but what bothering few people is Pawan’s claim of having no money and secretly investing in real estate. Pawan might be honest in claiming he doesn’t have liquid cash with him but what about these properties?

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