Pawan Kalyan praises another small movie

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is known for his generous nature. If he likes something, he will congratulate them openly without any kind of Star ego. He recently wished a small movie and made the news.

pawan kalyan
pawan kalyan

Comedian Srinivas Reddy has turned hero with the flick ‘Jayammu NIschayammura.’ More than money, this film was critically acclaimed by the audiences. Released in demonetization, this movie has entered into profit zones. Pawan doesn’t normally watch his films at all. But he will make time whenever he comes to know about some critically acclaimed flick. So Pawan watched this flick and sent a flower bouquet to Srinivas Reddy with an appreciation card. On that card, Pawan wrote that he saw the movie, he liked it and he wished all the best for him and to the whole team.

Srinivas Reddy took his Twitter to share his joy with all the fans with the attached photo of the bouquet. Humble Power Star is so unique, says Srinivas Reddy.

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