Pawan Kalyan Not Sending Mangoes This Year

More than an actor, Power Star Pawan Kalyan likes himself to be called as a farmer. He has a farm house where he does farming and loves to lead a simple life. And if you could recollect, there is a time when Pawan Kalyan used to send mangoes from his farm to the friends and well-wishers every year during the Summer season. But he called off the habit for the current summer, and he has a specific reason to do that. Because of the poor harvest, Pawan is unable to continue his tradition, and many of his friends have to experience a disappointment from him.

Pawan Kalyan Not Sending Mangoes
Pawan Kalyan Not Sending Mangoes

Pawan Kalyan in his recent interviews revealed about so many interesting things of which the discussion about Mangoes is also one. Revealing more about this, Pawan said that the count of people he should send the mangoes kept growing every year, but he tried to satisfy everyone. The production deteriorated due to disease for the current year resulting in the delivery of mangoes to only a few people.

Pawan Kalyan failed to spend quality time on farming this year because of his much concentration on the shoot and completion of his latest film ‘Sardaar Gabbar Singh’, which is currently running in theatres with losses.

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