Pawan Kalyan Might Become King or Kingmaker Says Kathi Mahesh

Kathi Mahesh’s latest post on the social media is creating quite a buzz on the social media right now. The critic posted a picture which features Pawan Kalyan meeting two fans and them happens to be those who attacked Mahesh in the past.

“The guys in the picture are those who attacked me with eggs. Pawan Kalyan never condemned the attack on me but how ethical is that if Pawan meets both of them and praise them. Pawan is trying to provoke his fans in the name of mother sentiment. Pawan Kalyan wantedly terrorized MAA association and announced the war on media. He is using his fans as weapons in this war. Instead of making an attempt to release the fans arrested during the attack on ABN Media vehicle, Pawan is trying to project it differently. Pawan is making speeches to provoke all the fans. There is a conspiracy in Pawan doings these days and I am having a feeling that he is planning something because of which he met his fans. Very soon, Pawan fans will create a ruckus in the state. The government will encounter downfall and there will be elections midway. Pawan might become a king or kingmaker.” said Mahesh in his Facebook post.

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