Pawan Kalyan meets Narendra Modi


Jana Sena Party Chief and Power Star met the most eligible PM material and BJP member Mr Narendra Modi today as part of Jana Sena strategic discussions with various parties other than Congress. Pawan has been meeting the TDP and other party officials to see and explore the most fruitful liaison for the party with the one that bears ‘genuineness’.

“Narendra Modi should be the Prime Minister of India’ said Pawan, post the meeting. This clearly indicates that BJP is one of the heavy favorites now of Power Star. Will this lead to a fruitful liaision – only time will tell.

The sources predict various combinations such as Jana Sena plus LokSatta, Janasena plus TDP plus Loksatta and Janasena plus TDP plus Loksatta plus BJP, all permutations and combinations which involve the parties that are aggressively against Congress.

Meanwhile, Pawan is set to make yet another powerful public speech on the grounds of Vishakapatnam and this is most likely to happen on 28th of this month. While all are awaiting with bated breath as to what would Pawan say this time, speculations indicate that Power Star will directly attack Jaganmohan Reddy this time, just the way he did with KCR last time.

Looks like there is a momentum picking up for Pawan after all.

Watch this space for more updates soon!

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