Pawan Kalyan mania grips Politics


“Power kosam kaadu, prashninchadam kosam..!”

(I’m not here for the power, i’m here to question). These are the buzz words circulating every nook and corner of the two states. Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s much debated entry into Politics is finally taking shape, with the star due to make a grand announcement of his new party on March 12. Pawan Kalyan’s stint into politics was long anticipated by his fans and now, it looks like a long awaited dream is coming true.


The peers in the political circles await with bated breath to see the kind of statements that Pawan would make, launching his yet to be confirmed party name and logo. After his brother megastar Chiranjeevi’s entry into politics back in 2006, Pawan is all set to come into the ring of ruling, only with one intent – his quest for betterment and his questioning of the current scenario. The people wonder if his entry into the game of governance turns a new tide in the face of Indian Politics.

The multi talented actor will also launch his book that was written by self on the occasion of the party launch. Will Pawan make that powerful reel impact in real life among the masses? That has to be seen.

All in all, power star sure has a great backing from his young followers!


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