Why Pawan Kalyan was kept aside for ‘Dine with the Star’ program?

Pawan Kalyan Dine

Pawan Kalyan, who is getting huge response in “Dine with the Star” program, is now out of the list of this program. Recently a new list was released in the media by few sources and this list doesn’t have Pawan Kalyan’s name. It has the Chiru, Prabhas, Akhil and many more actors’ names, but Pawan’s name was missing.

Even Mahesh Babu’s name too was not present in the list. Organizers are planning to give chance only to 250 couples and to make it evenly distributed organizers might have kept Mahesh and Pawan aside. It is a fact that if these two actors participate in the program, they are sure of bagging almost three fourth of the main count.

To avoid problems, organizers might have decided to keep Pawan and Mahesh aside. Or may be, Pawan and Mahesh may give their names in the final minutes. Suspense is still on, in this aspect.

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