Pawan Kalyan impressed spiritual audience on Bhakti TV

Pawan Kalyan at Koti Deepotshavam

Pawan Kalyan was invited for the Koti Deepotsavam 7th day as Chief Guest. Sri Ravi Shankar was on dias delivering his speech when Pawan Kalyan attended the event. Huge rush was seen around Pawan Kalyan. Fans of Power Star felt quite happy seeing him in such an auspicious event.

Pawan Kalyan is known for his youthful style but no one knows that Pawan Kalyan has a good taste towards spiritual aspects. This show proved that Pawan too is a spiritual person and this may make fans of Pawan to move in his path.

Bhakti TV audience felt happy seeing Pawan Kalyan in a spiritual show. Spiritual gurus present on the dias at that time welcomed Pawan Kalyan in an elated way. Pawan too was seen happy on the dias.

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