Pawan Kalyan on high demand for Nenu Saitham event

Pawan Kalyan Nenu Saitham Event

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is now on high demand in Nenu Saitham event. As per the updates, Nenu Saitham event has a specialty of dining with stars. The cost to dine with their favorite stars is fixed at 1 lakh. Among all the celebrities, Pawan Kalyan got the highest demand in this event.

People are literally ready to shell out huge sum of money to dine with Pawan Kalyan. It seems that bookings may get flooded for Pawan in this event. We have to see whether the same rate goes on for Pawan or the organizers will raise the ticket level exclusively for Pawan Kalyan.

As per the talk, Pawan and Mahesh will be acting in a skit on stage on Nov 30th and this is stated to be a major highlight for the entire event. Stay tuned for more updates on Nenu Saitham.

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