Pawan Kalyan Hatao-Politics Bachao Book Writer Seeks Security

Writer Boggula Srinivas

Writer Boggula Srinivas turned into a top celebrity in Telangana. He recently conducted an exhibition in NTR stadium, in which he kept the book he wrote on Pawan Kalyan in display. This book has the title, ‘Pawan Kalyan Hatao – Politics Bachao’.

This turned out to be a top level sensation in Telengana. Srinivas further mentioned that he has threat from Pawan Kalyan fans and hence he asked the Home Minister of Telangana to arrange for security. To this, Home Minister Narasimha Reddy mentioned that they will provide security.

It is a big challenge to write such a book and put it for display in exhibition. We have to see how Pawan Kalyan fans reacts to this move of Boggula Srinivas. As, TDP too is supporting Pawan Kalyan, this may further lead to political discussions. Boggula Srinivas turned into a celebrity writer with this book!

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